Behavior Plan

Dear Parents,


It is with pleasure that I welcome your child to my class.  We can all look forward to a very exciting and rewarding school year.  It is important for you, as well as the students, to be familiar with the discipline plan in our classroom.  I stress that the responsibility for good behavior comes from themselves—stressing that God can and will help them be “just like Jesus.”   Our classroom behavior plan consists of rules that students can understand, consequences when rules are broken, and rewards when rules are followed.




1. Follow directions the first time that they are given.

2. Raise your hand, and wait to be called on before speaking

3. When the teacher is talking, be quiet and listen.

4. Don’t hit, kick, or touch anyone else with your hands, your feet, or any other object.

5. Respect your classmates.  Treat them with kindness in your words and actions.




In our room, there is a bulletin board that helps students monitor their own behavior.  The bulletin board contains a pocket for each student, which contains five cards:  a blue card with a happy face and stars; a pink card with just a happy face; a green card with a straight face; a yellow card with a sad face; and a purple card with  an unhappy face.  When a student breaks one of the above rules, he or she will have a card pulled from his/her pocket.


If  four cards are pulled twice in one week, there will be a call or meeting with the parents.

If  four cards are pulled three times in one week, there will be a meeting with the principal, student, teacher, and parents.


At the end of each day, the number of cards pulled will be recorded daily.   Each student will receive a weekly conduct grade which is reflective of the number of cards pulled.   Every day is a new day with our behavior system.  Each day your child will get a fresh start with a blue card.  I will continuously focus on the positive side.




1. Eligible for a prize on Friday from the treasure chest.

2. Good notes sent home.

3. Can earn choice of coupons.

4. For every day ending with a blue or pink card, a nickel will be stamped in his/her reward wallet.  This money will be used for a toy auction at school.

5. Stickers

6. Praise.


It is important that we work together for a successful year.  Every Monday a conduct and memory work grade will be sent home which must be signed and returned by Wednesday.  If you notice a low conduct grade, I will also indicate what caused it.  Please feel free to discuss any concerns that you might have.    Thank you for your support.

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