Jan. 15—19

Spelling Words (Click on link to see spelling words for this week)

Memory Work —  The Fifth Commandment  - You shall not murder.  The Sixth Commandment—You shall not commit adultery.




accident—something you did not want or expect to happen


attention—looking and listening with care


audience—a group that listens and watches


commands—orders given to someone


officer—a person who helps enforce the law


safety —having to do with freedom from danger


obeys—follows a rule, law, or command


banner—a strip of cloth or paper with writing or a picture on it






No School—Martin Luther King Jr. Day


Math facts timed test

Bonus Task A Spelling due Friday

Read booklet #32 “Seals and Seagulls”  Please return the booklet.


Spend 15 minutes on Moby Max math.

Bonus Task B spelling due Thursday.


Read booklet #33 “I Love Vacations.”  Please return the booklet.

Math Homework Page—102  Add Three 2-Digit Numbers

Mooving On Up Day

Ellis Island simulation with 8th graders helping us


Memory Work due.

Spelling and dictation test.

Spelling bonus tasks are due.


Work on Grandparent interview and family tree worksheet due on 1/26/18.