Feb. 19—23

Spelling Words (Click on link to see spelling words for this week)

Memory Work God wants all men to be saved and to come to a knowledge of the truth.  1 Timothy 2:4



These words will be covered in our reading this week from the book “Sarah, Plain and Tall.” which is a chapter book that we will be reading together.  Your child should be able to recognize and read the words by sight.  They should also know what they mean and how they are used in the story as we introduce them.  Please review them with your child.  These are due next Tuesday, Feb. 27. 


prairie—large area of flat land covered mostly with grass


advertisement—words printed in the newspaper wanting to buy or sell something or needing someone for a job


pesky—being noisy and bothering people


scatter—spread or throw something around


bonnet—a kind of large hat that women wore


suspenders—straps that go over shoulders and attaches to pants


windmill—a tall wooden structure that have blades that turn








No School.


Math facts timed test

Read Booklet #42 “ Shrimp Boats” to someone at home.  Please return the booklet.

Math homework—Math Word Problems




Spend 15 minutes on Moby Max math.

No spelling test today.

Spelling Bonus task A


Read booklet #43 “Pan Wong’s Loud House.”  Please return the booklet.

Spelling bonus task B


Spelling and dictation test

Memory work

Spelling bonus tasks are due