Second Grade CA Math Standards


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Number Sense

1.0  Students understand the relationship between numbers, quantities, and place value in whole numbers up to 1,000:


1.1  Count, read, and write whole numbers to 1,000 and identify the place value for each digit.


Reading Numbers Practice

A.A.A. Math Website

                  I Have … Who Has Cards


1.2  Use words, models, and expanded forms (e.g., 45 = 4 tens + 5) to represent numbers (to 1,000).


1.3  Order and compare whole numbers to 1,000 by using the symbols <, =, >.


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2.0  Students estimate, calculate, and solve problems involving addition and subtraction of two-and three-digit numbers:


2.1  Understand and use the inverse relationship between addition and subtraction (e.g., an opposite number sentence for 8 + 6 = 14 is 14 – 6 =8) to solve problems and check solutions.

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2.2  Find the sum or difference of two whole numbers up to three digits long.

                  Batter Up Baseball game

Math Trainer Addition

Math Trainer Subtraction

Addition Machine

Subtraction Machine

A.A.A. Math Website

2.3 Use mental arithmetic to find the sum or difference of two two-digit numbers.

                  Addition Facts Flashcards

                  Subtraction Facts Flashcards

                  Count Us In Subtraction Facts Game


3.0  Students model and solve simple problems involving multiplication and division:

3.1  Use repeated addition, arrays, and counting by multiples to do multiplication.

A.A.A. Math Website

Math Trainer Multiplication

3.2  Use repeated subtraction, equal sharing, and forming equal groups with remainders to do division.

3.3  Know the multiplication tables of 2s, 5s, and 10s (to “times 10”) and commit them to memory.

Practice Counting by 2, 5, 10


4.0  Students understand that fractions and decimals may refer to parts of a set and parts of a whole:

4.1  Recognize, name, and compare unit fractions from 1/12 to 1/2.

Identify Fractions Game

Cross the River Fractions Game

Pizza Party

4.2  Recognize fractions of a whole and parts of a group 1.1(e.g., one-fourth of a pie, two-thirds of 15 balls).

4.3  Know that when all fractional parts are included, such as four-fourths, the result is equal to the whole and to one.


5.0  Students model and solve problems by representing, adding, and subtracting amounts of money:

5.1  Solve problems using combinations of coins and bills.

Money Master Game

Counting Money Game

Spending Spree

5.2  Know and use the decimal notation and the dollar and cent symbols for money.


6.0  Students use estimation strategies in computation and problem solving that involve numbers that use the ones, tens, hundreds, and thousands places:

6.1  Recognize when an estimate is reasonable in measurements (e.g., closest inch).


Algebra and Functions

1.0  Students model, represent, and interpret number relationships to create and solve problems involving addition and subtraction:

1.1  Use the communicative and associative rules to simplify mental calculations and to check results.

Missing Addends Practice

1.2  Relate problem situations to number sentences involving addition and subtraction.

1.3  Solve addition and subtraction problems by using data from simple charts, picture graphs, and number sentences.


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