Reading Program



It is important to establish a daily reading habit at an early age.  Your child should plan to spend about 20 minutes of reading every evening.  A monthly reading calendar will be sent home for parents to initial each day that this task is done.


Books should be about 50 (just an approximate number)  pages in length.   If a longer book is read, each 50 pages will count as another book and less book report forms are needed.  You don’t have to write two book reports for a 100 page book.  Bonus points can be earned for reading more than the five required books.    The highest total number of pages read all year will earn a special award.  A simple book report form will need to be filled out for each book and there will be four special book projects required during the year.  These four projects will have a special book report form different than the others.  Directions will be sent home periodically.


A special “Hooked on Books” grade will be added to your report card.


Special book projects will be due in Oct., Jan., and May.


Total Points necessary per Trimester that are needed:

“A” - 300 pts. 6 books (5 book report forms) but 1 book has a special theme/project

“B” - 250 pts. 5 books (4 forms) but 1 book has a special theme/project

“C” - 200 pts. 4 books (3 forms) but 1 book has a special theme/project

                                                 LET’S  READ!!!

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