Spelling Words

Week 14

We are studying words this week that have a long e vowel sound. The first ten words will follow this pattern and the other five regular words will be high frequency words that your child will need to use often in his/her reading and writing.


Regular Words                               Super Spellers

1.  clean                                          1.  angel

2.  mean                                          2.  manger

3.  please                                        3.  Christmas

4.  free                                          4.  ornament

5.  keep                                          5.  Advent

6.  read

7. feel

8. tree                         State:  Colorado

9. people

10. stream                  BONUS TASK A

11. believe

12. lady                 Write down as many small words as you can from

13. whole            the word “Christmas.”

14. beautiful         Or print out an activity from spellingcity.com -

15. idea                        week 14



Write down the meaning of five of these words.  Write the word, the meaning, and draw a picture.

                   Dictation sentences-separate grade– Fri. only

                           1.  Please keep your room clean.

                          2.  How do you feel today?

                          3.  She is a beautiful lady.

                           4.  I believe that God made angels.