Spelling Words


Week 25

This week the regular words are words that have the “er” ending. 


Regular Words                               Super Spellers

1.  flower                                        1.  June

2.  water                                        2.  July

3.  under                                         3.  August

4.  over                                           4.  September

5.  better                                       5.  October

6.  sister

7.  brother

8.  mother                    State:  Rhode Island

9.  father

10.  after                    BONUS TASK A

11.  other             Arrange and write all of the spelling

12.  center            words in ABC order.

13.  never            

14.  remember               Or print out an activity from

15.  feather               www.spellingcity.com—week 25



Write a short story about a family.  Use all of the regular words and underline them.


                             Dictation sentences-separate grade

                             1.   My father and mother took me home.

                            2.  I will always remember my work.

                            3.  They gave my sister a pretty flower.

                             4.  The other feather is in the cage.