Spelling Words

Week 28

This week the regular words are words that have a long e sound at the end of two syllable words.


Regular Words                               Super Spellers

1.  puppy                                         1.  Easter

2.  very                                           2.  Lent

3.  lucky                                          3.  resurrection

4.  dirty                                          4.  believer

5.  monkey                                      5.  Savior

6.  lady

7.  tiny

8.  silly                         State:  Idaho

9.  many

10.  empty                   BONUS TASK A

11.  cookie            Write the regular words.

12.  muddy            Underline the letter/s that

13.  angry             spell the final long e sound.

14.  brownie                 

15.  money           or print out an activity from www.spellingcity.com      

                                    Week 28


Choose eight words.  Write those words by cutting out letters in a newspaper or magazine and glue them on your paper.


                             Dictation sentences-separate grade

                             1.   Is the cookie jar empty?

                            2.   The puppy has muddy paws.

                            3.   The lady loved her tiny monkey.

                             4.   Many children are very lucky.