Spelling Words

Week 34

We are studying words this week that have long i patterns. 


Regular Words                               Super Spellers

1.   sky                                            1.  memorial

2.  find                                           2.  soldier

3.  night                                         3.  loyal

4.  high                                           4.  brave

5.  fly                                             5.  hero

6.  try

7.  light

8.  dry                          State:  New Mexico

9.  right

10.  mind                         BONUS TASK A

11.  eye                         Choose eight words.  Write down

12.  buy                         the word and then look them up

13.  flight                      in a dictionary.  Write the guide

14.  reply                       words for each word. (They are

15.  sigh                        found at the top of the page.) You

                                   can borrow a dictionary from



Choose one word from the list.  Write down any five words that would come before it in the dictionary and five words that would follow it.

      Or print out an activity from www.spellingcity.com  Week 34


                             Dictation sentences-separate grade

                             1.  Did you buy tickets for the flight?

                             2.  There is not much light at night.

                             3.  She will try to reply soon.

                             4.  The plane will fly high in the sky.