Spelling Words

Week 16

We are studying words this week that have a vowel + r sound. The first ten words will follow this pattern and the other five regular words will be high frequency words that your child will need to use often in his/her reading and writing.


Regular Words                               Super Spellers

1.  car                                             1.  football

2.  party                                         2.  soccer

3.  smart                                        3.  tennis

4.  yard                                          4.  basketball

5.  barn                                          5.  swimming

6.  farm

7.  hard

8.  start                       State:  Minnesota

9.  are

10.  warm                    BONUS TASK A  or Print out an Activity from

11.  garden                              Spellingcity.com week 16

12.  know              Unscramble the words.  Write both the

13.  listen            scrambled and unscrambled words on

14.  sharp             paper.   trmas, nbra, tyarp,  rayd,  rac,

15.  walk             rawm, era,  rtats, rahd,  armf



Choose five spelling words and write three rhyming words for each.


                   Dictation sentences-separate grade

                           1.  Our car had a flat tire.

                          2.  My dog is very smart.

                          3.  Trees grow in my yard.

                           4.  They came to my party.