Second  Grade

Dear Parents,


I am pleased to have your child in my classroom this school year.  I hope that you and your child are as excited as I am.  I’m looking forward to a great year.


Listed below are some supplies that are needed in second grade.  It is imperative to have your child’s name on all of his or her supplies and jackets, lunch boxes, etc. Too many supplies are identical and when someone finds an item, either inside or outside, it is so much easier to find the owner.


Needed for Second Grade:

1. Bible (NIV can be purchased in the school office)

2. Ruler (inches and centimeters on the same ruler)

3. Pencils (about 24 pencils #2 lead) and a small enclosed sharpener

4. White glue (4 oz.)

5. Two folders with pockets to hold papers

6. Crayons (24 colors are fine)

7. A good eraser (preferably a white one)

8. Scissors

9. Markers (classic colors)

10. $40 special supplies fee—includes a plastic shoebox for all school supplies that will fit in the desk, a binder photo album that we use as a memory book (special ordered for a reduced price), and the remainder will be used for photo developing. 

11. Two composition books—wide ruled.  These will be used for vocabulary words and Spanish.  (A spiral notebook falls apart too easily.)

12. A glue stick

13. One or two boxes of Kleneex

14. A box of 12 colored pencils

15. A calculator—we will use it with some assignments

16. A chair pocket—to be purchased in the school office for classroom organization

17. Headphones for computer use (place in a Ziploc bag with name on it).

 *Do not purchase a big binder for your child.

 *Do not buy your child a supply box.  Many are too small or too big, and I’ll

order the correct size.  Thanks!

                                                 Mrs. Staake


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