Very Important Person  (VIP)

V. I. P. for a week is a program designed to raise your child’s self-esteem through special recognition from the teacher, classmates, parents, and other family members.


Here’s how it works.  During the appropriate week, according to the schedule below, your child will have special privileges every day for that week.  These privileges include:


1. Line leader

2. A special booklet made by the class during the week and given to the child on Friday.

3. Special VIP chair cushions.

4. A visit to the classroom made by a family member on Friday at 11:15-11:30 A.M. to share special events with the class about the child (photos, baby shoes, anecdotes, etc.)   Questions are then asked to the students about the information given and many like to reward the students with small treats, stickers, etc. as they answer the questions. 

5. Then at 11:30-12:00 parent may have lunch with the child in our classroom, at the picnic tables, or you may take your child out for lunch.  If we will be gone because of a field trip or a half-day, Thursday or another day during the week may be chosen.


This is a wonderful day to celebrate your child.  Your involvement at school is so important to each child.  You will be able to make your child feel particularly important and special.  Please let me know if any of these dates are inconvenient.  They can be exchanged with someone else.





11-15  Owen

2-6  Emily

13-17  Makayla

4-8  Grace.

18-22  Naveen

9-13  Nixon

27-Dec. 1  Finn

11-15  Marcelo


25-29  Keilani

23-27  Ryan




30-Nov. 3  Joshua











8-12  Reese G.

5-9  Wyatt



5-9  Reese B.

9-13  Mia.

22-26  Isabella

Feb. 19-23  Clara

19-23  Noah

16-20  Carter


26-Mar. 2   Luke


23-27  Ebelle






7-11  Tres




14-18  Alex