Math Sites:

1. Eduplace –Houghton Mifflin connection with our reading and math.

2. AAAmath– Practice skills in second grade math.

3. Coolmath4kids—Fun math games

4. Fun Brain—Become a math whiz.

5. Primary Games-Lots of choices.

6. Aplusmath—practice addition and subtraction facts

7. Internet4classrooms-math and language art skill practice


Reading Sites:

1. PBSKids—Between the Lions— Online books to read.  What fun!

2. Scholastic–Many reading activities. 

3. Kids Lab—Phonics, Grammar, Comprehension

4. Book Adventure—Provides thousands of titles for students to read.


Science & Social Studies Sites:

1. Enchanted Learning—Many easy to read topics about the world and animals.

2. National Geographic for Kids—Look and learn.

3. Scholastic— Magic School Bus activities

4. White House—Learn about our President and his special house.

5. U.S. Government for Kids—Ben’s Guide


Religion—for Parents and Children

1. NIV Bible online

2. Daily Devotions

3. Online Devotions

4. Lutheran Hour

Web Links for Second Graders